What is Free Cakes for Kids

Hooray! It’s dessert week on Bite. During Lunch with Kaylee and Joe we heard from Dina Dacy, coordinator for the Camden branch of the charity, ‘Free Cakes For Kids UK’.

Free Cakes For Kids is a UK based charity that bake cakes for families that find it difficult to provide birthday cakes for their child/children. All of the cakes that they bake are by 100% volunteers and are baked both independently and locally in their own private kitchens.

Founded in December 2008 by Henriette Lundgren in Oxford, Free Cakes For Kids has expanded over time and grew to be in around 60 locations across the UK from Edinburgh right down to Southampton.

Cake made by Camden baker, Tiffany

And what’s more, because it is a shared idea, it is open for anyone to join! As long as you’re in the UK, have a passion for baking and want to help support the charity by baking cakes for families who find it hard to get a cake for their child’s birthday, feel free to join now!

It’s easy to join, simply visit http://www.freecakesforkids.org.uk/, check the map above, see who’s already baking in your area and get in touch. Experienced volunteers can help you get started and become a volunteer yourself.

Hackney team!

If there isn’t anyone in your area baking already, worry not, you’ll be the first to get the ball rolling. Check out the cookbook and guide to find out how to get started. Let’s get baking!

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