Top 5 World Food Eateries

Everyone knows that London is a very densely culturally diverse city. And with this cultural diversity comes with it an ever growing range of restaurants serving different food cuisines from all around the world.

To celebrate World Food week on Bite, we look at the best 5 world food cuisines there are in London at the moment. Whether its Chinese, Indian, Turkish or another type of cuisine that takes your fancy, there’s something here in this article for everyone!

Bites Top 5 World Food Eateries:

1. Baozilnn - (Newport Court) Chinatown

If it’s traditional chinese street food that you’re after, you’ll find just that and more at this lively little joint in Newport Court, Chinatown. Fiery red is a prominent colour theme of this restaurant and it’s food is very true to Sichuanese style with a hint of chilli in almost everything they serve. From their ‘Dan-dan noodles’ to ‘crescent dumplings’ and ‘smacked cucumber salad’ there’s no shortcutting on spice but the best thing about it is that the prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

2. Gokyuzu - Chingford, London

Gokyuzu restaurants are in a few locations across london but the one we’re talking about in this article is one in Chingford. Gokyuzu serve a variety of traditional Mediterranean cuisine combined with Turkish hospitality. Using a traditional charcoal grill, they produce succulent barbecued meat dishes and kebabs that don’t scrimp on flavour. As for the grills, you won't be short on choice with a selection of doner or shish kebabs and wings or ribs all served with rice, salad and fresh bread. And that’s not all, they also serve pizza, and for the vegetarians out there, they have plenty of choice of non-meat dishes too. Everyone’s a winner here!

3. Bombay Bustle - Mayfair, London

This Indian restaurant was inspired by the men who used Mumbai’s famed local railway to deliver home-cooked meals across the city. The restaurant pays homage to these men and brings the taste of the city of Mumbai’s favourites and the taste of India to London. They have a selection of menus, each serving something different. Dishes they serve include ‘Lentil and Rice Pancakes with Aloo Masala’, ‘Punjabi Vegetable Samosa with Mint Chutney’, ‘Recheado Fish Tikka’ and many more.

4. Artusi - Peckham

If it’s Italian food that takes your fancy, a restaurant that we recommend is Artusi in Peckham. There super affordable menu changes weekly so it keeps the food choices available fresh so there’s always something new to taste! They always use pasta that was freshly made that very same day and a variety of dishes are served. From Viel, Lamb and Pork to ‘Trottole, Winter Tomatoes, Basil and Ricotta Salata’ there simple menu offers quality dishes. For groups of 8 or more, they do a family-style sharing menu and also offer a wide range of traditional Italian wines.

5. Corazon - Soho, London

Literally translating to ‘Heart’, this Mexican restaurant and bar in Soho brings traditional Mexican cuisine to London straight from the heart! This little hidden gem can be found tucked just behind Oxford Street and serves up a range of creative and flavoursome mexican-inspired dishes. From Tacos to Tostadas, Platos Mayores and salsas, customers that have eaten there has commended its feeling of hospitality and nurturing feeling of being well looked after. The feeling of contentment of having a belly full of good food!

There you have it, our top 5 best World Food restaurants in London that we recommend you check out now. If your a lover of trying new foods from all around the world or if you would like to try new foods, get yourself up, get yourself out and taste the world, we promise you won’t regret it!

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