Too Good to Eat? Vegan Week

It's time for our first edition of "Too Good to Eat" our weekly review of London's most photo friendly food trends. Is it good to eat or just good to look at?

This week, we reviewed vegan poke bowls! This one is from Ahi Poke

Look: ★★★★ This dish is extremely colorful in its presentation! It draws you in with it's variety of toppings and fresh ingredients. This is the "Sweet Pea" bowl, which comes with set toppings, but there is the option to add more!

Taste: ★★★½ This dish is more Buddha bowl than poke bowl. The flavors of each element are well thought out and vibrant. The only downfall is that the kale base was not messaged which made it a little course. I'd recommend adding some avocado for creaminess and mixing all the goodness up before enjoying!

More from Ahi Poke here:

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