Too Good To Eat #Dessert

It's time for #TooGoodToEat #Dessert edition! We have to admit, choosing just one eye-catching dessert in London was hard, but we couldn't ignore Milk Train Cafe (located in Covent Garden) amazing creations!

Look: ★★★★★

We indulged yourself in their specials and we have to admit, It's pretty hard to make something look better than that. This may be one of the most colourful desserts you ever eat and it is eye catching from every angle! From the sprinkles to the cereal to the candy dotted so expertly- you can tell the presentation of this dessert has been thought through. Some may also be sceptical of the structural integrity of mixing soft serve with candy floss but it holds up surprisingly well! All together, this dessert deserved the first 5/5 we have given on Bite!

Taste: ★★★★

This dessert is a wonderfully fruity-sweet explosion in your mouth. All the textures come in to play here; the crunch from the cereal, the pop from the strawberry candies, the smoothness of the ice cream and the wonderful melt in your mouth candy floss. The fruity flavors incorporated into every element compliment each other without one being too overpowering. We shared the dessert between 2 people and that was a perfect serving size. This dessert is a sweet-tooth's dream so if you're not into that kind of dessert this may not be your thing- but for us, it was just right!

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