The Tiny Italian – Best Italian Restaurants in London

We're not gonna lie, here on bite we can't get enough of Italian food! London is famous for our multi-cultural cuisine but especially for our selection of Italian. But how do you navigate through the masses to find the best?

We've turned to The Tiny Italian to get her top recommendations. Now you can use less time on deciding where to eat and more on slurping up fresh pasta.

5. My Pixxa

A traditional Roman square Pizzeria located in East London. Drop in to experience delicious pizza, friendly staff and a lovely ambiance.

4. Salvino Deli

A Sicilian family run deli nestled near Kentish Town. Founded by the Sicilian Salvino brothers, Antonio and Stefano, over three decades ago, this Italian deli offers Camden wanderers authentic Italian produce and home cooked meals from family recipes. Drop in to bag a bottle of wine (from a choice of over 50) or sit down for hand made ravioli, and pizza.

3. Giacobazzi Delicatessen

A family run deli in Hampstead that prides themselves on their homemade pastas and antipasti's. Since opening in 1991, they have remained committed to using fresh local ingredients!

2. Peppeckish

An authentic and tasty Neapolitan pop up located in Newcross. They use simple, traditional Italian ingredients and traditional methods to create dishes that keep you coming back!

1. Via Emilia

A small Italian eatery whose entire menu is modeled after the Emilia region. At Via Emilia, every single product from pasta to wine to cheeses comes from this dense region.

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