Staff Pick – Easy Stir Fry Recipe

Looking to taste something new without the hassle of trying out complicated recipe? How about this quick and easy stir-fry? Perfectly accommodated by our world food Bites coverage of world food week!


Sesame oil
Mushrooms- 6 of your choice
Carrots- 2
Beansprouts- a handful
Cabbage- a handful
Onion- whole, chopped into slices
Egg Noodles- one bag
Broccoli- 5 florets
Sugar snap peas- 10

2 Chicken Breasts diced OR Quorn chicken cubes from frozen- 1 Cup
Sauce of your choice


Get a wok.
Put the sesame oil in the wok and let it heat. Then add the Chicken OR Quorn cubes from frozen or your choice of meat and cook with the vegetables. Make sure you stir them frequently to make sure they get fully fried all around. Do this for about 10/15 minutes to make sure all of it is cooked. Then add the sauce and noodles. Let this simmer on a lower heat still in the wok but it’ll add to flavour and texture if you let it simmer without stirring making sure all flavours combine together. Finally serve and enjoy. You can add some spring rolls on the side if you would like a side dish to accompany the main. Also if you have too much stir fry, you can pot it up and freeze it for up to 3 months.

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