Mocha Mousse: Snacks with Sitara

For Dessert Week, Sitara shows you how to make a mocha mousse.

Marvelous Mocha Mousse

Prep time - 5 minutes

Set time - 1 hour


225g Mascarpone

3 heaped tbsp Nutella, slightly softened  

142g Single cream

2 tbsp Instant coffee granules

1 tsp Corn flour


Mixing bowl

A dessert or cocktail glass (for serving)


Start by pouring the single cream into a mixing bowl

Add in the coffee granules and mix until combined with the cream

Next, add in the nutella and mix in with the cream and coffee mixture, bringing it to a thicker, moussy texture

Then add in the mascarpone and mix everything together once again

Finally add in the cornflour, making sure not to overdo it

Give everything a final mix before pouring into your dessert glass

Leave to set in the fridge for around an hour

Lastly, add a few raspberries on top to garnish and serve!

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