Hacked: Your Vegan Cooking Dilemmas, Solved


Whether you’re already vegan or are thinking of going vegan, these hacks are sure to make life easier and a whole lot cheaper!

Quick Vegan Ice Cream

You can be sure that this combination of ingredients will satisfy your taste buds and leave you screaming for ice cream!


By combining banana, peanut buter and cocoa powder you can make some mouthwatering vegan ice cream. It’s simple and super affordable.

Make Any Cake Mix Vegan

If you love cake like a lot of other people in the world, but want an easy and affordable way to whip up a fresh vegan friendly cake, just add a can of coke to pre-made vegan cake mix.


And just like that you have the perfect slice of cake to enjoy!

Mayonnaise Replacement

Been searching high and low for an alternative to mayonnaise?


Simply cut an avocado in half, scoop out the insides and spread it onto your vegan burger or whatever it is you are having and viola, vegan approved mayonnaise!

Egg Replacement

Whether you’re making pancakes or anything containing eggs, if you’re looking for an easy alternative to using eggs, use bananas in their place.


There are many recipes you can incorporate bananas into in place of eggs that will instantly make them all vegan without breaking the bank.

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