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The top London food news stories brought to you by our Bitesize news team.

What is Free Cakes for Kids

Hooray! It’s dessert week on Bite. During Lunch with Kaylee and Joe we heard from Dina Dacy, coordinator for the ...
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East London Girl’s Top Seafood Eateries

East London Girl is a London food blog run by 5 London women designed to recommend restaurants and bars all ...
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Eel Pie Island

History Eel Pie Island rose to fame as a hub for British rock n' roll. During the summer of 1963 ...
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The Tiny Italian – Best Italian Restaurants in London

We're not gonna lie, here on bite we can't get enough of Italian food! London is famous for our multi-cultural ...
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Food News: Sausage World?

Heck are creating a total paradise for sausage lovers. You may know Heck for their delicious meat and meatless sausages ...
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